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Helix Firmware v2.82 Release Notes

Nouvelle mise à jour sortie le 26/09/2019!

Helix/HX Firmware 2.82, HX Edit 2.82, and Helix Native 1.82 contain numerous bug fixes and is strongly recommended for all Helix and HX users.

As 2.80 (released 18. July 2019) contained massive changes to the underlying Helix architecture, it required a fairly involved double-update procedure. Once your Helix/HX hardware has been updated to 2.80, however, it's much simpler to update to 2.82. Therefore, we've provided two distinct update procedures, depending on the current firmware of your Helix/HX hardware.

If you're not sure which firmware your Helix/HX hardware is running, just restart it and look at the display.

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Helix Firmware v2.81 Release Notes

Nouvelle mise à jour sortie le 06/08/2019!

Helix/HX Firmware 2.81, HX …

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HX Edit v2.82 Release Notes

Nouvelle mise à jour sortie le 26/09/2019!

HX Edit 2.82 Release Notes
Bug Fixes
In some cases, an error message would appear when clicking redo after deleting a block
After cutting or clearing a block, its bypass/controller assignments could be lost
Newly created blocks on Path 2A could sometimes appear as None blocks
After creating a Path 1B Input block, on rare occasions, paths could disappear, and blocks could be consistent when changing presets
Importing a setlist could sometimes transmit a preset’s Command Center > Instant messages without loading the preset
If the current preset has not yet been saved, importing a presetsetlistbundle would not clear the undo history
Undoing certain parameter changes could sometimes not work as expected
Pressing your computer’s Return / Enter key while backing up or restoring data could initiate an additional backup / restore
Attempting to undo pasting to an Input or Output block could result in an error

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