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Helix Firmware v2.53 Release Notes

Nouvelle mise à jour sortie le 01/03/2018!

HELIX 2.53 Release Notes

Bug Fixes
- In rare cases, updating from 2.21 firmware or older could result in unit freezing during UI MCU update - FIXED
- External Amp commands could not be transmitted when changing snapshots - FIXED
- In rare cases, Helix Rack could freeze when updating Helix Control - FIXED
- In some cases, an External Amp command (Tip only) could change the internal expression pedal from EXP 1 to EXP 2 (or vice versa) on Helix LT - FIXED
- In some cases, attempting to swap footswitch assignments when one switch was unassigned could cause Helix to freeze - FIXED
- Other bug fixes and optimizations

Known Issues
- In rare cases, a crash can occur when creating an Input or Output in HX Edit (moving split/join to B path) while having a None block selected
- In rare cases, PC messages are sent after Instant Commands on preset load, resulting in …

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HX Edit v2.52 Release Notes

Nouvelle mise à jour sortie le 22/02/2018!

HX Edit 2.52 Release Notes

HX Edit 2.52 is a software update that includes fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations. It is highly recommended that all Helix users perform this update!

Bug Fixes
- A block's Bypass MIDI IN assignment is also deleted when clearing a controller assignment in Bypass/Controller assign menu-FIXED
- A block's Bypass MIDI IN assignment is reset to OFF after entering EDIT menu and then returning to the Bypass/Controller assign menu-FIXED
- [HX EFFECTS] Exporting/importing preset may not preserve path B output destination-FIXED
- Right-click to Restore Split or Merge does not return block to last position-FIXED
- Not all Bypass MIDI In assignments are deleted after selecting Clear All Assignments in Bypass/Controller assign menu-FIXED
- General stability improvements
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations

Known Issues
- Helix LT: Changing a presets name from HX Edit is not immediately …

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reglage sur helix sans ordi

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reglage sur helix sans ordi

Message par leprettre.philippe le Sam 17 Fév 2018 - 10:20

Je recherche des sites ou autres sur des reglages directement sur le multi effet,( etant d'une nulité sans nom en informatique), merci d'avance pour vos infos eventuelles .


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