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Helix Firmware v2.81 Release Notes

Nouvelle mise à jour sortie le 06/08/2019!

Helix/HX Firmware 2.81, HX Edit 2.81, and Helix Native 1.81 contain numerous bug fixes and is strongly recommended for all Helix and HX users.

As 2.80 (released 18. July 2019) contained massive changes to the underlying Helix architecture, it required a fairly involved double-update procedure. Once your Helix/HX hardware has been updated to 2.80, however, it's much simpler to update to 2.81. Therefore, we've provided two distinct update procedures, depending on the current firmware of your Helix/HX hardware.

If you're not sure which firmware your Helix/HX hardware is running, just restart it and look at the display.

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Helix Firmware v2.80 Release Notes

Nouvelle mise à jour sortie le 18/07/2019!
IMPORTANT! 2.80 is the first firmware to utilize the new Helix Core engine, which unifies all Helix and HX products into …

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HX Edit v2.81 Release Notes

Nouvelle mise à jour sortie le 06/08/2019!

HX Edit 2.81 Release Notes
Bug Fixes in 2.81
The active EXP Pedal (1 or 2) was not saved with the preset
On Helix LT, the XLR Outputs would reset to Mic level upon power cycle
After loading two presets in a row containing a Looper block on Path 1B or 2B, audio could sometimes drop out
In rare cases, restoring a backup made on 2.71 could cause headphone audio to be lost
In hands-free Pedal Edit Mode, moving an expression pedal could also affect any Wah, Volume/Pan, or controller assignments
Changing IRs via controller or snapshot could sometimes result in an audible crossfade between IRs
Presets with Input > S/PDIF blocks would not pass audio until another preset with a different input block is loaded
When Global Settings > Preferences > Snapshot Edits is set to “Discard,” tempo would not reflect this setting when set to “Per Snapshot”
Command Center > MMC > Record, Punch In, and Punch Out …

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